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Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Application Tips


The pediatric anesthesiology fellowship aims to provide its fellows with clinical experience with regards to general pediatric anesthesia for patients as young as infants who are going to undergo a major operation. Aside from this, the fellows will also have the chance to participate in lectures, seminars, and the like to further their knowledge in various treatments as well as techniques for administering anesthesia. For those who want to apply for a fellowship in this niche, you are required to submit three letters of recommendation, transcripts from your medical school, recent curriculum vitae, and pediatric personal statements.

pediatric anesthesiology personal statement sample

Tips to Developing Personal Statement for Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship

  • State your reasons. Your personal statement pediatric anesthesia should contain your reasons for wanting to pursue this course. You can talk about our career goals and how the fellowship program can help you achieve them.
  • Know the word count. Check the list of requirements for the fellowship program if there is a word count for your personal statement. If there is, make sure that you follow it to the letter. On the other hand, if none is provided, a single page will suffice.
  • Write to inform. The purpose of your personal statement is to tell your readers what makes you an ideal candidate. To do this, you should write with the intention of informing your readers what you are capable of.
  • Engage your readers. It would help if you write in an engaging manner so your readers will want to know you better. Add some personality to your writing but keep things professional.
  • Always edit. Don’t forget to proofread your work after you write so you can see if there are any mistakes that you may have made when writing your draft.

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