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Writing a Personal Statement for Pediatric Residency


Applying for your residency after med school can be a really trying time, there is a huge amount of competition for popular places and getting selected for the place that you really desire can be very difficult. This is why your personal statement for pediatric residency is so important, without a compelling statement you have little chance of getting yourself accepted for a top residency.


Why Is Your Personal Statement So Important?

The reason for the importance placed on your personal statement for pediatric residency is twofold; firstly it allows you to explain why you want placement on this specific residency and why you are the best choice. Secondly, it is your only opportunity short of an interview to demonstrate why you should be selected over everyone else as all of the other aspects of the application processes such as your qualifications are likely to very similar. Therefore your personal statement for pediatric residency must be unique and compelling enough to remain at the front of the reviewer’s mind and allow you to be the one chosen over any others.

Writing a Compelling Personal Statement

Like a good journalistic piece, your personal statement for pediatric residency has to hook the reader from the very first line. Only by grabbing their attention from the very start and being able to maintain their interest through to the very end can you assure yourself of maximizing your chances of selection. This is where our services come to the fore; we offer a writing service that will help to create just such a statement. We can work with you to understand your strengths and your objectives and draft out a well written personal statement. Pediatric residency requires you to work with children and adolescents so you need to explain why you want to work in this field over all others while avoiding the usual “I love kids, they are our future” clichés. We will also help you by allowing you to demonstrate knowledge of the specific residency for which you have applied by ensuring that you include specifics tailored to that residency showing that you have to take the time to really research and understand what they do.

Why Choose Us for Your Personal Statement for Pediatric Residency?

Unlike some other services, our writers are professionals who understand and are qualified within the medical profession so can show a deep understanding of the field when writing your personal statement. They are highly experienced and know exactly what works to help get your foot firmly through the door and into the residency of your choosing. Our service does not tolerate plagiarism or sloppy work; all statements are fully reviewed before they leave us to ensure that you will not be embarrassed.

So whether you need your personal statement writing from scratch or just need one that you have written editing and updating we can provide the best service available.